Monday, March 28, 2011

Khloe Kardashian 'Kris Humphries Must Go Through Family 'Initiation'

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have been going strong since the end of last year, but according to younger sis Khloe Kardashian, the New Jersey Nets player "doesn't know what he's getting into."

According to PEOPLE, the reality star dished that Humphries has yet to really see the family's chaos in person.

"He hasn't been around all of us yet," the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star revealed. "He hasn't been to my mom's house with the chaos, so the initiation process will happen this summer -- if he lasts. If he can get out of that alive, then he's good to stay."

Though the long-distance couple have been separated due to Humphries' busy basketball schedule, Khloe hopes that he'll stick with Kim for some fun with the whole Kardashian clan this summer.

"Hopefully, we'll all get to go on fun trips and hang out," she said. "That's something that we all look forward to. Kris was out here [for] All-Star weekend, and we hung out."

Khloe's husband, LA Laker Lamar Odom, likes to give his sister-in-law a hard time about her boyfriend's home team.

"Lamar always teases Kim," Khloe said. "Kim will be like, 'Oh, my god, [the Nets] won their game.' And Lamar will go, 'Kim, remember this day. They're not going to win [the NBA Championship].' She thinks it's funny."

Khloe and Odom are gearing up for their own reality show, 'Khloe and Lamar,' which premieres April 10 on E! at 10PM.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Johnny Depp to Appear on Ricky Gervais' Sitcom

Johnny Depp reportedly thinks life's too short to hold a grudge. The A-lister was targeted when Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais made fun of Depp's caper 'The Tourist' (co-starring Angelina Jolie) at the 2010 Globes ceremony in January.

But despite some in Hollywood blasting Gervais' wisecracks, Reuters reports that Depp, 47, actually prefers to get in on the joke and work with the British funnyman.

Gervais wrote on his blog recently that the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star has confirmed his participation in the upcoming sitcom 'Life's Too Short,' to be co-written by Gervais in collaboration with longtime comedy partner Stephen Merchant ('Extras') for British TV.

Like 'Extras,' the new sitcom is expected to feature a slew of famous faces in cameo appearances. But Gervais denied on his blog a recent rumor that Jerry Seinfeld would be a guest.

'Life's Too Short' follows the exploits of a little person with a larger-than-life personality (Warwick Davis) who runs a talent agency for dwarf performers. The BBC2 series, in development now, is also expected to air on HBO in the States.

Another bit of news that Gervais confirmed to his blog readers recently: He will guest-star with Will Arnett on the May 19 season finale episode of NBC's 'The Office.'

Gervais, of course, co-created the original 'The Office' back in 2001, and the modest series (it ran 14 episodes in the U.K., and starred Gervais as incompetent office manager David Brent) became such a hit, it has been remade time and again into international versions set in Germany, Chile, Israel, and Quebec, Canada, with a China-based version of the show reportedly in development. Critics may have slammed the 49-year-old Brit's recent Golden Globes performance, but that chuckling sound you hear can only be one thing: Gervais having the last laugh.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Color-Block Craze: Have It or Make It Stop?

Spring fever's hit Hollywood. Stars are setting aside their LBDs in favor of bold, bright colors.

Taking it one step even further, Emma Stone (in Lanvin), Olivia Wilde (in Gucci), Camilla Belle (in Gucci and Roc Nation) and Zoe Saldana (in Prabal Gurung) are popping on the crimson carpet in multiple highlighter hues like coral, fuschia and teal.

So what does our Fashion Police panel think of this celebrity color blocking? Embrace the rainbow! This Skittles-style fashion trend gets a unanimous "Gotta have it!" from the color-lovin' crew.

Are you loving the mix 'n' match tints? Sound off below!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice Recap: My Name Ain�t baby. It�s LaToya. Miss Jackson if You�re Nasty

God I wish she said that in the boardroom. Unfortunately LaToya barely said anything at all and that�s why she�s the one sent packing. It�s totally a shame because right before being fired Jackson made the most valid point of the whole season. She tells Trump the women keep losing because Star hijacks every task not because LaToya is a weak player and she�s right. Star sucks.

I�m actually so annoyed that I don�t even want to talk about this task. I just want to talk about the fact that LaToya Jacklson was robbed of her chance to win Celebrity Apprentice because a bunch of tactless bitches overpowered her in volume and cattiness. The worst one of them all is Star Jones. Star is a loud, over-bearing jackal who is responsible for every single loss the for the women�s team. It�s unbelievable that she gets to stay and LaToya goes home.

Let�s go task by task and I�ll tell you exactly why Star is awful each time.

Week 1: During a time sensitive pizza-selling task, project manager Star Jones chooses to close the store (CLOSE THE STORE!) in the middle of the task because she thinks they need to focus on deliveries. Too bad she�s late sending members of her team out to deliver that pizza, causing them to miss out on a $40,000 bonus.

Week 2: While making a children�s book for charity, Star continuously undermines project manager Lisa Rinna until Lisa becomes completely unhinged and freaks out. Lisa was an okay PM, but she�s weak, so Star�s constant calculated cajoling makes it impossible for her to lead. The women�s team loses because Star has terrible ideas and is a terrrible person, but somehow snakes having her terribleness blamed on Rinna.

Week 3: The episode starts with Star bitching and moaning about her team accusing her of being meddlesome and bossy. Really honey? Because you ARE meddlesome and bossy. She continues her reign of terror by barking orders at PM Nicki Taylor during the RV camping task. Of course, the girls lose, and of double course, Star doesn�t take responsibly even though everything they did was a result of her forced ideas.

Week 4: The women create a boring commercial for ACN because Star thinks they should be conservative. She even tells NeNe to tone down her �sexiness� while presenting. Both these suggestions are awful and the men win the task because their presentation is edgier, sexier and more fun. The fail is exactly Star�s fault, yet no one accuses her of sucking. Boo.

Week 5: Star does nothing except sit on her fat ass and work a credit card machine. The women win because Marlee rocks it. Maybe Star was okay on this task, but I hate her face so I can�t bring myself to congratulate her.

Week 6: The women win because Latoya Jackson is a genius. Star insults Jackson and undermines her authority every step of the way, but Latoya triumphs because she ignores the rest if her team and sticks to her guns about her multi-season gold theme. If there�s one thing Jackson family members do well it�s put on a show. Star should have let LaToya just do her thang.

Week 7: Star eats all the Omaha Steaks, and then devours the entire set including the tables, chairs and audience members because she is a big fat pig.

Week 8: We know what happens here. Star comes up with a shitty concept, creates shitty ads and is a condescending bitch to all her other teammates. Does she get fired? Of course not. LaToya does.

The women need to man up and tell Trump just how awful Star is because if Star wins this thing I�m done.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ricky Martin '30 Rock' among GLAAD media winners

Russell Simmons - Ricky Martin and the HBO drama series "True Blood" are among this year's recipients of media awards from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Other winners of the 22nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards, presented Saturday in New York, include the NBC comedy "30 Rock" and CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" for its series on gay teen suicides.

Music mogul Simmons received the Excellence in Media Award.

Martin was cited for an appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in which the pop singer discussed raising twin boys and his decision to come out as gay.

Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo were also recognized.

Scissor Sisters were named outstanding music artists for the album "Night Work." The website was saluted for outstanding digital journalism.

Nonelectronic media winners include The New York Times columnist Frank Rich and Peter David for his Marvel comic book "X-Factor."

The GLAAD Media Awards recognize fair, accurate and inclusive representation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives in the media.
Winners were announced in 25 of this year's total of 32 media categories. The remaining awards will be presented at ceremonies to be held in Los Angeles and San Francisco in April and May, respectively.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Angelina Jolie, Six Kids Visit Brad Pitt in New Orleans

Angelina Jolie along with children Maddox, 9, Zahara, 6, Pax, 7, Shiloh, 4, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 2 arrived in New Orleans via private plane Friday.

The reason for jet-setting family's visit? Jolie's partner, Brat Pitt, 47, began filming his latest movie, "Cogan's Trade," in Louisiana earlier this month.

(Based on the 1974 best-selling crime novel, the film also stars Casey Affleck, Javier Bardem and Mark Ruffalo.)

With the jet-setting family now reunited, Jolie can hopefully take a much-deserved break; earlier this month, the 35-year-old actress and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador visited Kabul, Afghanistan, to meet with Libyan refugees.

"With these new waves of uprising and conflict, there is and will continue to be massive new displacement," Jolie told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. "The world needs to address this moment. We have to give people safe passage, evacuation if needed, and ensure they have asylum. We don't want to look back and find their deaths are on our hands."

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mel Gibson booked and released on battery charge

California authorities say Mel Gibson was booked and released on a misdemeanor battery charge as part of the criminal case involving his former girlfriend.

Jail records show the actor-director turned himself in Wednesday to the El Segundo Police Department.

He was fingerprinted and his mug shot was taken, a requirement of a plea deal that resulted in him being on probation for three years and attending a year of domestic violence counseling.

The 55-year-old Oscar winner was accused of striking his then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva (gree-GOR'-yeh-vuh) during a January 2010 fight, but his no contest plea on Friday did not include an admission of guilt.

Gibson opted to turn himself in on the same night his film "The Beaver" premiered at the South by Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas.

Darren Aronofsky bows out of "Wolverine"

Darren Aronofsky is bowing out of directing 20th Century Fox's sequel "The Wolverine," saying the project would keep him out of the country for too long.

Fox and Hugh Jackman - who is set to return in the title role - said they remain fully committed to making "Wolverine" and will move aggressively to find a new director.

Fox hadn't yet greenlit the sequel. A significant portion of the movie will be shot overseas (there had been plans to shoot in Japan).

"As I talked more about the film with my collaborators at Fox, it became clear that the production of The Wolverine would keep me out of the country for almost a year," Aronofsky said in a joint statement with Fox.

"I was not comfortable being away from my family for that length of time. I am sad that I won't be able to see the project through, as it is a terrific script and I was very much looking forward to working with my friend, Hugh Jackman, again," he continued.

Stated Fox: "While we are of course disappointed that Darren can't do 'The Wolverine,' we also understand and respect his reasons. Having done both 'The Wrestler' and 'Black Swan' with Darren, we know he is an extraordinary talent and we look forward to working with him on other projects in the future. Hugh Jackman and Fox both remain fully committed to making The Wolverine. We will regroup and move forward aggressively."

Aronofsky's production company Protozoa has first-look deal with Fox.

Christopher McQuarrie is writing "Wolverine." Movie doesn't have a release date yet.

Artie Lange wants to be back on the show

Beloved Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange is the only one who can explain what he was really feeling the night he attempted suicide by stabbing himself in the abdomen nine times.

And that's exactly what he wants to do for the first time. Stern, in a new cover interview with Rolling Stone reveals that the comic, who has been off air since the incident, has reached out about a possible return to air.

Will the King of all Media welcome him back with open arms? Stern, who was extremely supportive of Lange both on and off air, is hesitant to allow Lange on. Stern says it's because he wants to protect Lange and do the right thing.

"He said to me recently that he would be willing to come on the air and explain what happened and stuff," Stern told the magazine. "I don't even feel strong enough within myself or that I'd be doing the right thing by him, because I don't want to do the wrong thing for Artie. I just want Artie to stay alive."

The shock jock also admits he was so enamored with Lange, he may have been the last one to realize just how serious things had gotten with the comic's drug problem.

"Finding Artie was a great joy. But Artie's demons got a hold of him, and I'm probably the last one to really have realized what he was going through," Stern said. "To me, Artie was coming in and doing his job and he did it so well that I really didn't think he had a problem. Toward the end, I got it. You'd have to be blind not to see it. But I'm not a drug guy, really. Early in my life, I took drugs, but I'm very naive about it. Maybe I just wanted to have blinders on, I don't know."

Lange, a former MADtv regular and stand up comic, was hospitalized on in January 2010. His mother (whom he often discussed on air and made famous for her meatballs) found him unconscious in his Hoboken, N.J., residence. In the month before the incident, Lange had taken a hiatus from Stern's show and canceled several stand-up gigs. Lange had long suffered from drug and alcohol addiction, which he openly discussed on air.

He last surfaced in public this past September, when he appeared at the Comedy Cellar in New York's Greenwich Village and did two sets.

We hope Stern who also opens up in the article about his divorce, his sex life and his next five years on radio will eventually have Lange on as a guest. Stern fans will certainly want to hear firsthand how the jokester, who's kept mum about the incident (and didn't immediately respond to a request for comment), is holding up.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Touring juggernaut Chesney on the road again

Kenny Chesney isn't happy with what he's seeing on the video screen. He's been watching it while singing a song during a rehearsal for his "Goin' Coastal" tour and it just doesn't snap. He gives instructions over the sound system to personnel at the back of the warehouse space where Chesney and his crew have been at it for several weeks.

"I want the picture to change every time he hits the snare drum � BAP! BAP! BAP! BAP! BAP!" he says while air hammering an imaginary kit.

A little later, his seven-piece band stumbles a bit and Chesney tells the group, "We've got to get that intro down." He worries over what he's going to say to the crowd at certain key moments, crafting and discarding drafts as he goes. "I'm glad you're here. You can help me with this," he tells a small group of record label executives and media.

This is Chesney in lock-down mode. With just a few rehearsals left till his tour kicks off Thursday in West Palm Beach, Fla., Chesney was agonizing over every detail.

"There's a lot of mixed emotions for me right now because I'm for the first time seeing everything we've worked so hard on come together," Chesney said. "And I'm very happy about that. But on the other hand it's not all together yet so it's the thing that keeps me up at night when I'm preparing to do this."

The attention to detail is what has made Kenny Chesney one of the most bankable acts in the touring business, regardless of genre. Since 1999, Pollstar figures show he has sold more than 8.8 million tickets and grossed more than $460 million. Only the Dave Matthews Band has sold more tickets over the last decade and only Matthews and Celine Dion have grossed more.

Chesney took the year off the road in 2010 to concentrate on his lauded new album "Hemingway's Whiskey" and to make three films � a 3D concert movie and two documentaries about football. With his return to touring, he's bringing along Uncle Kracker and Billy Currington to open his arena shows; the Zac Brown Band will join them on11 stadium dates throughout the summer.
Currington's beachy vibe is a lot like Chesney's, but he's never experienced anything like the "Goin' Coastal" tour before. He's trying to raise his game to keep up with country's biggest draw.

"We actually had to bring in a little more production than we're used to," Currington said. "It's a new experience for me playing places that big and needing this much gear."

Chesney says this year's show will be leaner than previous productions.

"But I feel like it's better," he said. "I feel like musically it's better and that visually it's really, really good and we've been working on that a long time. So it's very exciting to get to do what I love to do again, you know, and to feel that energy and to be that person up on stage. It's an unbelievable feeling to feel all those people focus energy right on you, and us as a band we can feel that. There's no feeling like that anywhere."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Celine Dion returns to recession hit Vegas with new show

Celine Dion has returned to the Las Vegas stage in a parade of sparkly dresses with thigh-hit slits, a stage full of trumpeters, violinists and drummers, and a special appearance by Stevie Wonder.

The French-Canadian crooner sang the romantic opuses that made her an international star, including "My Heart Will Go On" and "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," in her encore performance Tuesday night at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. She also shared a pre-recorded duet with Wonder to his "Overjoyed."

"Was that neat or what?" Dion told the concert hall of more than 4,000 people as a hologram of Wonder faded from the stage.

A lot is riding on this sequel performance. Dion, who gave birth to twin boys nearly five months ago, is tending to an expanded family while trying to mirror or surpass her previous success in a city that has yet to pry itself free from the embrace of a brutal recession.

The new three-year production pays tribute to Old Hollywood, with a 31-person orchestra dressing the stage, including an entourage of guitarists, back-up singers, drummers and a pianist, all clad in black tuxedos and gowns.

Gone are the Cirque du Soleil-style dancers and theatrics that saw Dion harnessed to a cable and flown in the air during her previous, five-year stint at the Colosseum that ended in 2007.

"From Michael Jackson to James Bond to 'Mr. Paganini,' it's so different, and it's so classy, and it's fun," Dion told The Associated Press before the show. "Different flavor. Different colors of music."
She performed songs made famous by Jackson, Billy Joel and Ella Fitzgerald. There was also a mod homage to James Bond and a "Smooth Criminal" jam session.
A chandelier twinkled above the stage during a performance of "Because You Loved Me," smoke licked at Dion's heels during "All by Myself," and in a haunting mid-concert rendition of Jacques Brel's "Ne Me Quitte Pas," Dion tearfully contemplated the loss of a lover in her native French.

The concert hall swelled at the emotion. Women cried, cheered on their feet and wiped their eyes dry.

Caesars Palace President Gary Selesner said executives initially questioned reopening the show amid Nevada's 14.2 percent unemployment, the highest in the nation. Caesars lost $831.1 million last year, or roughly $3.5 million more than its net income in 2009.

In comparison, the unemployment rate in Nevada was 5.2 percent in 2003, when Dion's first stint, "A New Day," opened in Las Vegas.

Despite the recession since, "people still want to see the big stars get on the stage and sing their hits," Selesner said.

For the opening performance, Dion wore a bedazzled white strapless gown and belted out Journey's "Open Arms" on a stage dressed in sheer curtains. As she approaching the booming chorus, the curtains dropped to reveal rows of musicians across the stage.

Later in the show, a video showed images of her oldest son blowing out his birthday candles, of the twins being baptized at a Las Vegas church, and performances by a young Dion at the dawn of her career.

She donned seven outfits, most covered in glittery details, during the nearly two-hour journey through her greatest hits.

Dion also performed "Man in the Mirror" in a memorial to the belated Jackson, a longtime musical influence. She said he attended a performance of "A New Day," then probed her about the experience.

"He was probably interested in coming here and performing here," Dion said. "I really wanted to kind of sing a few of his songs to tell people how big of a loss that is for him to not be here any longer."

Dion was originally expected to start her new show at Caesars in June 2010, but five failed in-vitro fertilization attempts delayed those plans. She delivered twin sons Nelson and Eddy in October, and began rehearsing in January as she continued to breastfeed the babies and care for her 10-year-old son with the help of her mother, sister and a nanny.

In that time, Dion also squeezed in a performance at the 83rd Academy Awards last month.

"I didn't think I would be ready after this pregnancy, but everything is smoother than I thought," said Dion, who is living with her brood at Caesars while a nursery is added to her lakeside home outside Las Vegas.

Before she left Caesars to launch a world tour in 2008, "A New Day" grossed more than $400 million over five years.

Caesars spent $95 million to build the Colosseum for Dion in 2003, complete with a humidifier to protect her voice. The show opened to bad reviews, but was a commercial triumph.

The new show is poised to become another hit, Selesner said. Ticket purchases have so far exceeded the pace of sales for "A New Day," and executives expect Dion to drive convention business, room rentals, travel to Las Vegas, room rates and restaurant sales.

Dion said she tries not to dwell on the tall expectations.

"I want people to come and not feel disappointed. That's my most important job," said Dion. "I personally don't think I have anything to do with the economy."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring season's - Top Looks

We took to Rhode Islands most stylish boutiques to get the drone on this spring�s must haves. Here are the season�s biggest trends�from retro bohemian to translucent lace, this is what you�ll be wearing this spring.

Eco-Green Style

Love going green. Now anyone can wear the color. Dish Boutique is showing a lot of the Seattle-based natural company, Prairie Underground, pictured in the coat, right. According to the fashion minds at Dish, the evolution colors as we head into spring are earthy, grey and green and the shapes are loose but still keeping some definition. Go for feminine draping in dresses, tops and even fold over pants to look easy but classic.

70s Glamour

Both 70s bohemian and sophisticated glamour are big this spring. Look for elegant blouses and pretty layers that are flowy but slimming for daytime. Mix in some vintage jewelry and testimonial accessories for added color. Celebrities have been showing us this look with Chan Luu wrap bracelets, left, sold at Therapy, Wakefield's fashion hot spot. Also: denim is coming back in big ways with the reemergence of the bell bottom jeans. Go for a high-waisted pair and a peasant blouse for a clean chic look.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Everyone is adoring The Kate Middleton Effect.

When Royal-bride-to-be Kate Middleton steps out, everyone takes notice�.
People fight over buying a pair of her earrings, her �650 Burberry trench style coat which sold out within just one day, and her red twinset caused an absolute riot in the shops�

The British Fashion house of Burberry may be the latest designer to revel in the success of the Kate Middleton effect, but the fact is that ever since she appeared on the scene as Prince William�s girlfriend, (while they couple were attending St Andrews University), public interest in the stunning girl has been at times, feverish�

Even back in 2007, the Kate Middelton effect was alive and kicking when she wore a �40 Topshop Tunic for her 25th birthday and it sold out within 24 hours of her being seen in it�

Believe it or not,  that event proved to be a real learning curve for the Royal-bride-to-be, because up until that point, Kate had taken some pretty harsh criticism for her style choices, and was even labled as being rather frumpy.

But all that was soon to change as Kate Middleton ditched her knee-high suede boots, pashminas, cashmere cardigans  and knee-length skirts and dresses that dominated her wardrobe, and in their place came�.
Now the girl who was dubbed as �frumpy�, has the power to create a fashion frenzy around the world, and often chooses a British designer�s to provide her with a natural blend of patriotic and classic, but at the same time, Kate, isn�t afraid to mix and match affordable high-street fashion, including Reiss ansd Topshop, with her designer labels�

Kate Middleton, with her great looks, figure, and fashion style. Is fast on her way to becoming the most famous woman in the world!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Women never chat up Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper says women never try to chat him up. The 'Limitless' heartthrob is currently dating Renee Zellweger and was previously married to Jennifer Esposito but despite his apparent romantic successes, Bradley insists the opposite sex don't approach him and it is normally him doing the chasing.

Asked what women can do to get him attention, Bradley said: 'I'm usually trying to catch their attention. Oh Jesus, anything.'

While he and Renee, 41, have been dating for around 19 months, Bradley insisted he is in no rush to get married again and says he has no plans to have children anytime soon.

Speaking at the VIP screening of 'Limitless' at London's Apollo West End cinema last night (11.03.11), the 36-year-old actor told BANG Showbiz: 'Oh gosh no, I'm just enjoying my life at the moment.'

In 'Limitless' Bradley plays writer Eddie Morra - who after his girlfriend leaves him, discovers a drug which gives him super-human abilities - and while he loved working with co-stars Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish, he admitted he wished he had more scenes with British actress Anna Friel.

He said: 'She was lovely. I wish we had more scenes together, as we only had one proper scene. Hopefully I'll catch up with her tonight.'

Sarah Harding changed engagement ring

Sarah Harding had her engagement ring altered because it wasn't 'unusual' enough.

The Girls Aloud beauty was stunned when DJ boyfriend Tom Crane proposed to her last New Year's Eve (31.12.10) and though she was delighted by the sapphire-and-diamond piece he popped the question with, the brunette singer recently had the band transformed by British designer Stephen Webster.

Tom said: 'I knew Sarah wanted a central sapphire with diamonds but the original ring, although beautiful, wasn't as unusual as she wanted.'

Sarah added: 'We sent it off to be blinged up - a sort of 'pimp my ring'.

'I wanted something old school with a modern twist and we knew Stephen was the perfect jeweller to do that. He added more diamonds and changed the shape of the sapphire slightly. The original ring was the perfect foundation - I just wanted it to be more unique.'

Tom's decision to propose while the couple were holidaying in the Maldives was sparked by him seeing the original ring in a shop.

He said: 'There we were, about to see in a new year in the most romantic place I've ever visited and we spot this beautiful ring. I figured it was fate. I had been thinking about proposing for a while, but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect.'

Broody 'Paris Hilton wants kids with Cy'

The 30-year-old socialite -who has been dating nightclub mogul Cy Waits for a year is smitten with her boyfriend, and would love to start a family in the future.

She said: 'I feel broody sometimes. I'd love kids in the future. Cy's the best boyfriend I've ever had. I'm so happy with him.'

The reality TV star also spoke out to defend former pal Lindsay Lohan, who was recently charged with stealing a necklace from an upmarket boutique, insisting the 'Mean Girls' actress is a 'good person'.

She said: 'Lindsay is a good person so I want her to turn it around.

'We haven't been in touch recently because our lives have taken a different direction but I only wish her the best.'

Paris' mother Kathy recently admitted she and her husband Rick would love to see their daughter settle down with Cy.

She said: 'I know that they've been dating a little less than a year and I think she's waited this long. She adores him and I never ever ask or ever push that question with my girls because I got married so young, I never want them to feel pressure.

'Anyone that loves animals and is kind like that ... she'll be an incredible mom. I was at Macy's with her recently and there were 1,000 people there and the little children came up and she lights up. I could see babies and a wedding.'

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nicky Hilton and actress Jaime King in same dress for club launch

With the hundreds of different fashion labels these days, it's not often two celebrities are spotted in the same outfits at the same time. But hotel heiress Nicky Hilton and actress Jaime King were left red-faced last night when they both arrived at a French Connection party in identical dresses.

They weren't the only pair wearing the same clothes - Carmen Electra and Brooke Burke were mirror images of each other in their fitted mini dresses. Hilton and King had both opted for a shiny leopard-print mini dresses at the launch of new Hollywood club Lexington Social House.

The pair - who have been friends for years - both teamed their dresses with towering heels, but Hilton gave it a slight twist with a wide black belt. But fortunately they saw the funny side and posed up alongside each other on the red carpet.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Warner ''Charlie Sheen fired from `Two and a Half Men''

Charlie Sheen was fired Monday from "Two and a Half Men" by Warner Bros. Television following the hard-living actor's bouts of wild partying, repeated hospitalizations and a bitter media campaign against his studio bosses.

The action was taken after "careful consideration" and was effective immediately, the studio said in a statement. No decision has been made on the show's future without its star, Warner spokesman Paul McGuire said.

Sheen, 45, who has used TV, radio and social media to create a big megaphone for himself, was not silent for long.

In a text to The Associated Press, he responded by referring to his bosses with the F-word and, "They lose," followed by the word "Trolls." Asked if he planned to sue, Sheen texted back, "Big." As for his next move, Sheen texted, "A big one."

A call to his attorney, Marty Singer, seeking comment was not immediately returned Monday. CBS declined to comment.

The firing capped a rare, raging public battle between a Hollywood star and those who employ him, with Sheen claiming the right to live as he pleased � including the acknowledged use of illegal drugs, although he's said he is currently clean � as long as he showed up sober and ready to work.

"Two and a Half Men," which debuted in 2003, stars Sheen as womanizing bachelor Charlie Harper, who creates an ad hoc family with his neurotic brother, the divorced Alan (Jon Cryer) and Alan's son, Jake (Angus T. Jones).

The show was co-created by veteran producer Chuck Lorre, who contributes two other comedies to the top-rated CBS lineup, "The Big Bang Theory" and "Mike & Molly." Like "Men," both are produced with Warner.
Sheen focused many of his attacks on Lorre, and in the end the studio "went with the hit-maker," said media industry analyst Shari Anne Brill.

Several news camera crews were camped out Monday across the street from Sheen's gated neighborhood, Mulholland Estates, in hopes that he'd emerge to discuss his dismissal. A few news helicopters also surveyed the scene from above the Hollywood Hills.

Warner and CBS had long faced a balancing act with Sheen as he underwent rehab and two ugly splits from wives No. 2 (Denise Richards) and No. 3 (Brooke Mueller Sheen). On one side was the wayward star, on the other was TV's most successful and highly lucrative sitcom, anchoring Monday for CBS and making hundreds of millions of dollars for Warner.

Last month, Warner canceled the remaining eight episodes of what was intended to be a 24-episode season of "Men," citing Sheen's public behavior and rants against Lorre.

In a series of interviews, including with ABC's "Good Morning America" and NBC's "Today" show, Sheen boasted about his "epic" partying, said he's fueled by "violent hatred" of his bosses and claimed to have kicked drugs at home in his "Sober Valley Lodge."

He glorified himself as a "rock star from Mars" with "fire breathing fists" and "Adonis DNA" and talked about his home life with two women he nicknamed his "goddesses."

The actor, who was among TV's highest-paid at a reported $1.8 million per episode for "Men," brashly said at one point that he would ask for $3 million if he signed a new contract for future seasons.

There was public fascination with the gloves-off battle. When Sheen added Twitter to the arsenal, he gained 1 million followers in an unprecedentedly brief 25 hours, leading Guinness World Records to establish a new category and crown him the champion. He now has well over 2 million followers.

But Sheen's professional conflict devolved into a custody battle over his 23-month-old twin sons with estranged wife Mueller Sheen. She used his public remarks, as well as conduct she claimed was threatening and violent, to seek a court order removing the children from his home last week.

While Sheen's text to AP suggested his next major role could be that of plaintiff in a lawsuit, the immediate question for Warner and CBS was whether to keep the show alive by bringing in a new cast member to join Cryer and Jones � the one-and-a-half men left.

"They didn't say the show was canceled. They said he was canceled," said analyst Brill. "So the door is still open for another season."

Shows have replaced stars before and lived to fight for ratings another day. When Valerie Harper left "Valerie" after the 1986-87 season in a dispute with producers, the show was renamed "The Hogan Family," Sandy Duncan was brought in to play a new character and the sitcom continued until 1991.

Drew Carey, who starred in and co-created "The Drew Carey Show," was asked about the possibility recently, before Sheen's firing.

"All you have to do is bring in someone you can plug into a Charlie Sheen-like character and deliver those kinds of lines. There are 100 actors who could do it," said Carey, host of "The Price Is Right."

Carey said he wasn't dismissing Sheen's comedic talent and acknowledged that ratings might suffer if viewers are reluctant to accept a new actor in a new role. But Holland Taylor, who plays Sheen's mother, called him "the brand of the show" in an interview last summer.

The studio, however, could save money by paying the substitute far less than Sheen's salary and extend the life of the lucrative series by another season or two.

Despite his troubled personal life, or perhaps because of it, Sheen found an on-screen niche as the bad boy audiences loved, especially in "Two and a Half Men."

But he had an ugly history, with allegations of violence against women, including Mueller Sheen. On Christmas Day 2009 in Aspen, Colo., she told police that Sheen threatened to kill her and brandished a knife after she asked for a divorce. Sheen said they argued but denied threatening her.

In a plea deal, Sheen pleaded guilty to misdemeanor third-degree assault in exchange for the prosecution dropping two more serious charges, and was sentenced to 30 days in a rehabilitation center and 30 days of probation.

CBS is owned by CBS Corp., whose shares were up 6 cents at $23.68 in after-hours trading Monday after closing down 34 cents, or 1.4 percent, at $23.62 in the regular session. Shares of Warner Bros. parent Time Warner Inc. were down a penny at $36.77 in the extended session after losing 47 cents, or 1.3 percent, to close at $36.78.

The market had closed before the statement about Sheen's firing was released by Warner.

Video of Lohan leaving store with necklace aired

Lindsay Lohan is shown in surveillance video broadcast Monday texting and trying on multiple pieces of jewelry in front of a clerk in a Southern California store that has accused her of stealing a $2,500 necklace.

Snippets of the footage taken by four cameras in the Venice store of Kamofie & Co. was aired by "Entertainment Tonight" along with analysis by attorneys not handling the case.

Lohan returns to court on Thursday, when her attorney will tell a judge whether the "Mean Girls" actress will accept a plea deal in the felony grand theft case that guarantees a jail sentence.

The video was sold by a representative of Kamofie to a commercial images unit of The Associated Press, which then licensed it to "Entertainment Tonight."

Emma Watson taking a break from Brown

Actress needs to focus on promoting final 'Harry Potter' installment. On Monday, Emma Watson announced she'll be temporarily leaving the Ivy League school to promote the final installment of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."
"As you know, I love Brown and I love studying pretty much more than anything but recently I've had so much to juggle that being a student and fulfilling my other commitments has become a little impossible," she wrote on her official website.

"I've decided to take a bit of time off to completely finish my work on 'Harry Potter' (the last one comes out this summer) and to focus on my other professional and acting projects," Watson, 20, continued. "I will still be working towards my degree ... it's just going to take me a semester or two longer than I thought."
Before Watson enrolled at Brown University in September 2009, she also considered attending Trinity College, Cambridge, Yale University and Columbia.

Peacock designer duo go from Bollywood to Britney

Indian designers Falguni and Shane Peacock have busted out of Bollywood straight through to Hollywood. Their champion? Britney Spears.

In the video for her newest single "Hold It Against Me," the pop queen raises up her fists like Muhammad Ali and cat-fights with her doppelganger while sheathed in ornate outfits by the married design duo. Britney One is clad in a short black minidress encrusted with intricate fuchsia and red beadwork, feathered shoulders and a slinky red train. Britney Two wears a similar version in navy blue.

The video has been a high career point for the Peacocks, who have dressed everyone from Katy Perry, Fergie and Brandy to Nicki Minaj in their sassy, detailed, futuristic frocks in just the past year. The couple, who married in 2001, debuted their designs outside India about eight seasons ago at Los Angeles Fashion Week, and have shown in London for six years. At first, they mainly dressed Indian actresses. Then American stars caught on.

"It's so strange, to have one pop star after the other. Initially we designed for Fergie, for the World Cup, then lots of requests started coming in, especially in the last six months," said an exhausted Falguni over the phone from Mumbai, back in their home base after the pair showed their sleek, leather-heavy, biker-chic fall collection during London Fashion Week.

One catwalk look featured fingerless black gloves with spikes jutting from the back, and another had swirling gold beading contrasted against a sheer, black three-quarter length sleeve top. Western silhouettes meshed with Indian-tinged embellishments.

A few weeks earlier, the pair lay low in a small suite at a luxury West Hollywood hotel on the Sunset Strip. Stylists for singer Perry chatted around them, flipping through racks of colorfully sequined floor-length gowns and sculptural, encrusted catsuits, searching for costumes for a new video.

Falguni, small and quiet in person, and Shane, tall and dark-haired, once again looked zonked. A flight from L.A. to Mumbai lasts about 18 hours. Planning a line of perfumes, bags and accessories, the two see themselves as a growing global brand.

"On the plane we sleep. Because of that, it's hard to meet people. It's easier to talk on the phone," said Shane. "We are planning set up an office in New York and stay in New York for three months, then back in India, then back in New York."

Falguni envisions stores around the world.

"Having everyone wear our clothes, and not just the pop stars," she added. "It could be a more commercialized version. We know our strengths, what we can achieve."

Khanh T.L. Tran, a longtime writer at fashion-industry newspaper Women's Wear Daily, noted the Peacocks' appeal to rock 'n' roll elite, and suggested the couple definitely need to broaden their range to appeal to everyday women.

"The pieces, because of the vivid colors, lavish embellishments, do lend well to a theatrical production or a video or red carpet," said Tran. "But they should be careful because they don't want to be too Bollywood. They could translate the aesthetics to sportswear pieces. A T-shirt silhouette might be easier to wear."

Indian designers have just started to reach international acclaim, with the Peacocks in prominent company. Manish Arora, for example, is gaining attention for avant-garde, over-the-top neon creations worn by the likes of Minaj at the American Music Awards. Arora also was named the new artistic director of label Paco Rabanne.

The Peacocks remain committed to Indian traditions of handcrafting, and their garments are manufactured there. Certain dresses can take a few days to create, with five or six people doing the beadwork. That extra touch, as well as lowered production costs, could give them an advantage, said Tran.

Still, noted Shane, it took years to get to the point for the fashion community to view India as a creative hub beyond its production capabilities.

"It's very difficult to be from India or a small country. No. 1, they don't take you seriously, and No. 2, you have to work very hard," said Shane. "Half the time people in the fashion business don't take you seriously because you're from a small town. They ask, 'Do elephants roam on the road?'"

The couple's future will likely include dressing more A-list celebrities who love bright colors and blingy styles, but a more luxe collection in the works. They design their own prints, and architecture is a strong influence at the moment.

Interestingly, the women at the top of their wish lists to dress are not the sequined catsuit types: Faguni would love to see Queen Elizabeth II in their clothes, and Shane has his eye on a couple of prominent American women.

"I look up to Michelle Obama. She's quite a powerful person," said Shane. "We love to dress REAL women. In India, it's more about customizing. Women come in different sizes, different shapes. We would have to adapt to what they wear, their style, with Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey. We can't go overboard."

Monday, March 7, 2011

Miley Cyrus meets her impression as 'SNL' host

Miley Cyrus has met her "Saturday Night Live" impression while lampooning a fellow teen pop star herself.

Cyrus hosted "SNL" on NBC Saturday night, leading to an inevitable face-off between the 18-year-old singer and cast member Vanessa Bayer's parody.

But Cyrus appeared on Bayer's "The Miley Cyrus Show" not as herself, but 17-year-old Justin Bieber.

( is part of, which is a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC Universal.)

Cyrus played Bieber as too hip to use Bayer's enthusiastic "pretty cool" catch phrase.

In other sketches, Cyrus also played Fergie and Lindsay Lohan.

Her Lohan impression occurred during a sketch with cast members portraying Charlie Sheen as the host of a TV show called "Duh! Winning!" with Lohan, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and fashion designer John Galliano as guests.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Julianne Hough Cast In 'Rock Of Ages' With Tom Cruise

Former "Dancing with the Stars" pro Julianne Hough is set to rock alongside Tom Cruise in the big screen adaptation of "Rock Of Ages."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the dancer-turned-actress is in final negotiations to star as Sherrie, the small town girl who comes to Hollywood in search of music fame and catches the eye of aging rocker Stacee Jaxx, played by Cruise.

Director Adam Shankman told THR that Julianne was "nothing short of a miracle" during auditions.

"It was a star-is-born moment," he said.

The director also confirmed the news on Twitter, writing, "Yes, it's true. Julianne Hough was beyond brilliant in her audition, and will be rocking the role of Sherrie Christian in #rockofagesmovie."

Adam previously told Access Hollywood that Cruise is going to surprise people with his musical role.

"I think we're going to see him, every drop, the rock 'n' roll god! I'm very excited. He's so committed to doing it. He's pouring himself in this part in a way I've never had an actor do... it's pretty intense," Adam told Access in February.

Michelle Rodriguez 'Avatar 2' Will Be Set Underwater

Avatar 2 will be set underwater, actress Michelle Rodriguez, who starred in the first film, tells the Associated Press.

Rodriguez, who played a combat pilot in Avatar (which has earned more than $2 billion worldwide), is unsure if she'll be cast in the sequel, due to hit theaters in 2014 by 20th Century Fox. But she hopes creator James Cameron will involve her somehow, even if just inviting her to the set to watch filming. (Cameron has said characters who survived the first "get to be in the second film, at least in some form.")

He has hinted that the follow-up films could take place on another planet in the same solar system as Pandora, the forest in which the first took place. He has also brought up the possibility of involving the planet's oceans.

Cameron recently released underwater cave adventure Sanctum 3-D.

Rodriguez next plays an Air Force sergeant in Battle: Los Angeles, which will be released in theaters March 11

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christina Hendricks 'The Face of Vivienne Westwood�s Palladium Jewelry Collection'

With the cameras yet to roll on season five of AMC�s Mad Men, fans won�t have to wait much longer to catch a glimpse of the show�s red-headed knockout Christina Hendricks. The actress has recently signed on to be the face of Vivienne Westwood�s newest venture, the �Get a Life� Palladium jewelry collection. In conjunction with the Palladium Alliance International, the eco-friendly line aims to promote use of the precious metal in fine jewelry.

Westwood, known for her bold design aesthetic, created a collection that won�t disappoint her loyal fans. The over-sized heart pendant and Grecian-inspired tiara Hendricks donned for the promotional campaign are not only fashion forward, but eco-conscious as well. Drawing nature as an inspiration, �Get a Life� hopes to raise awareness for the future of the environment.

�Christina is the embodiment of beauty and she has proved to be the perfect model for the campaign,� Westwood said.

Hendricks, who will star alongside Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in this fall�s Drive, is eager to scoop up some of the designer baubles: �I cannot wait to wear them on the red carpet!�