Friday, July 23, 2010

Eight Facing it " Lohan In Jail "

Lindsay Lohan usually go through life like the jet-setter and a luxurious life is not like most women prisoners in a special prison where he spent a period of incarceration. There are some things that will be faced by the actress 'Mean Girls' this.

1. Two hot meal and a cold: like other prisoners - and their carers who menawasi - Lindsay Lohan will get a hot meal at breakfast and dinner and cold food for lunch, according to a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.

2. Sleeping in the cot (cot): Lindsay Lohan reportedly got the same bed as other prisoners. Lohan may need adjustment because he had previously lived in Hollywood's famous Chateau Marmont hotel renowned for using the European linen and cashmere.

3. Unwanted attention: the New York Daily News quoted words of prisoners Tamara Haley "everyone wants a piece of it."

4. No Twitter: Cellular telephones and computers are not allowed inside the prison, which makes the actress will not be able to 'vent' to the outside world. The only means of communication is a public phone, according to the Associated Press.

5. New clothes: Lohan likes fashion but will not be able to enjoy behind prison bars. Most of the prisoners wearing orange overalls.

6. Meet the doctor: When inside, Lohan, like other prisoners, will meet with two doctors, one psychiatrist. they will decide whether Lohan will require treatment when there.

7. Tues 12x12: Usually Lohan easily travel between Los Angeles, New York and Europe but now a very limited movement. most of the prisoners occupy a cell measuring 8x12 feet occupied 20 hours a day. But Lohan has made her renowned status of the cell gets larger, according to ABC News reports.

8. One Plastic bags: The actress will be given a bag containing soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Because Beckham Rapid increase " Sales Lego "

Lego is an old old game. Until now, games that hone creativity survive and recent sales figures Lego reportedly increased quite rapidly. Why? Because there is news that mentioned that David Beckham apparently is a big fan of this game.

According to Splash News, recently David Beckham makes 'confession' that he often spent his free time to build buildings with Lego bricks and pretty soon the news was making toy shops flooded with customers who want to buy Lego. The increase in sales was also unsparing. According to the same news, since the news emerged that there were about 5922 transactions is equivalent to an increase of 663% from the previous figure.

As a thank you, Lego officials invite David Beckham, Victoria and her three children to visit the Lego headquarters are in Danish. "David and his children is a huge fan and we're always open to new ideas from people who really love this game," said a spokesman for Lego.

Before I had time to appear word when Brad Pitt also have the same hobby. It was unclear whether Brad is one person who lured Lego because Beckham or even an increase in sales was also affected by Lego Brad Pit

Jet Li it for Probate

Some time ago, Jet Li doing interviews in China. In this interview, the actor who had escaped from death during the tsunami disaster in Maldives in 2004 and was claimed to have made a will about ten years ago. With this testament, the future of her two daughters would be guaranteed even if the couple is not from among them will be. During this time, Jet Li, known to be very hard to educate their children. He also never obey their will. Every day, the list of activities that should be done two daughters has been scheduled with the neat. If Jet Li had to pay the cost of education, children must complete their school work on time. That way, the girls considered him a dollar return. According to Jet Li, one of the seven-year-old daughter who never buy powdered orange juice. Then, powder was made into orange juice, frozen, and sold as orange ice. For a price of one dollar per glass, she managed to collect the money 11 dollars. However, Jet Li was not allowing his daughter to sell the ice again. Apparently, he was afraid his son became street vendors. Recently, Jet Li is very serious to handle the foundation's One Foundation. During this time, if there are people who invited him to guest star activity, he can get a fee amounting to RMB 400,000 (USD 600 million). If the activity using Mandarin, Jet Li can pocket the fee RMB 200,000 (USD 300 million). However, he admitted would not attract a fee when making a social discourse for his foundation.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Find a sensation, Czech Politicians Be Model

By showing the existence in the political arena, a number of women parliamentarians and the Czech Republic would pose like a model-style calendar. In some photos that will be the cover of the calendar in 2011, four politicians from the party Public Affairs and even willing to wear unusual clothing, in order to erase the image of MPs who are serious and stiff. In the general election last May, the number of women MPs compared to the Czech reached the highest number of previous elections. Two women politicians, one of whom became candidates for mayor of Prague, Czech increasing the number of women involved in politics. As quoted from page Daily Telegraph, women politicians were each photographed twice for the 2011 calendar that will be sold and the proceeds to charity. "We want to attract the attention of the community that we have a lot of women who engaged in politics," said member of parliament, Lenka Andrysova, who was photographed only once in the thigh-high dress in a kneeling pose. While Katerina Klasnova, deputy chairman of the lower house of parliament, was photographed in a pose lying on a bed wearing a loose robe. Czech general election in May and then managed to put 44 women into the lower house of parliament. In particular, young parties such as Public Affairs, which many women members, managed to get seats in parliament for the first time. Public Affairs and Top09, other new entrants in the Czech parliament, the coalition is now engaged in negotiations to form a new government following the Czech Republic. "Increase women's political influence. Why do not we show that we are women who are not afraid to look sexy?" Marketa said Reedova, candidate 42-year-old mayor of Prague. Previously, Public Affairs has used a similar way to emphasize the presence of women in their party. When the campaign, four female members of the party appearing in a billboard poster wearing a black swimsuit.

"Cristiano Ronaldo" baby was taken to hospital

Son of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal was taken to hospital on Wednesday 14 /7 according to media reports.

Ronaldo's son, who just turned 4 last week and named Cristiano Jr., Taken to the Hospital Particular do Algarve, in the player's home country, Portugal, told The Sun.

Some pictures show a blond woman who could not be identified, was carrying what were believed to be Ronaldo's son into the hospital. The baby was taken to the hospital by the younger sister is a soccer player, Katia, who quickly drove the car.

According to The Sun, the group passed two hours in the hospital before going to carry the baby and go home. But Portugal's attacking team invisible.

Ronaldo is reportedly located at the north of Portugal when his son was taken to hospital, to attend the funeral.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Best in the World Cup 2010 "by David Beckham"

David Beckham choose the number of players from the four-yearly tournament in South Africa this time, as the dream team.

1. Fernando Muslera (Uruguay) - Lazio goalkeeper has just 'found'. He's only a few months to start its international gait. Uruguay had never conceded in the group stage. He thwarted two penalty kicks Ghana, which shows he has a temperament to match a large scale.

2. Sergio Ramos (Spain) - Never play with Sergio in Madrid, I can say he's one of the most committed forces to survive and have the determination. He likes to connect with the attackers, even if you get a chance like kicking. He's good at this World Cup.

3. Ashley Cole (England) - For me, Ashley is the best left back in the world. Ashley never stops running. He also enjoys attacking.

4. Carles Puyol (Spain), - Laga semi-final he showed how important a role for Spain. Not only because he played very strong defensively, but also because it was he who put an important goal that brought Spain into the final.

I've never played against him before. He's got natural talent, great stature, strong work ethic, and lead by example. Cooperation with Pique was crucial to Spain.

5. John Mensah (Ghana) - Ghana captain is even more solid with the passing of the tournament, but just not lucky in the quarterfinal game against Uruguay. He led by example, do not hesitate 'offers a body', as a defender, for the sake of the team.

6. Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany) - The World Cup is good for him, and look impressive, especially against England. He's got everything a modern midfielder needs. You will definitely want on your team.

7. Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands) - a talented playmaker. He's good at placing operands and impressive in handling dead ball. With the expanding role in midfield, he has made as many goals in the World Cup. He deserves an audience in the final later Sunday.

8. Xavi Hernandez (Spain) - Every team needs a Xavi. He is running 'engine room' is good for Spain and Barcelona. He's a really smart player. He's got great visibility, as well as an accurate pass. He took over the ball at the situation as tight as anything and, for me, he was the principal players of Spain. He could be the best player of World Cup, to compete with Sneijder.

9. Thomas Mueller (Germany) - Not much is heard of him before the World Cup. But four goals, three decoy, in five matches, it was amazing facts for 20-year-old attacker. Unfortunately Germany did not qualify for the semi-finals, and we can say that because his team lost speed and the ability penuntasannya, when he was playing in the semi-finals recently.

10. Diego Forlan (Uruguay) - Striker growing steadily from year to year. I feel lucky to have time to play with Diego on United. We can see how talented he was, and now he's got great confidence. He twice led the production goals in La Liga and with four goals, as well as a number of baits in South Africa, clearly this is a good tournament for him.

11. David Villa (Spain) - Top scorer in the tournament so far, he is one of the 'penuntas' best in the world. His legs were just as good, and crush in front of goal. Also worried that he moved to Barcelona, who, before he entered, have become a great team.

Three backup

Michael Bradley (United States) - I think the U.S. look good, and out due to lack of hockey only. My team mate friend, Landon, good enough but I was very impressed with Michael Bradley. If the U.S. can come up with players like him in the future, soccer in the U.S. will grow up healthy.

Maicon (Brazil) - Brazil has a lot of good wing back. Maicon is one of them. I think he played well for Brazil and last season went well for him at Inter. Tally in the first game too cool.

Lionel Messi (Argentina) - How can not enter the world's best players in the team? He's done everything, except fetched goal, at the World Cup once ni. Just not lucky. He is very fascinating to observe.

Dakota Fanning: "I'm Not Kids Again"

Dakota Fanning wants people to see him as a girl, and no longer as a figure of a child.
The actress wants her role in the film "The Runaways", the story of rock biographies of band members with the same name, can realize the people that he's not a kid anymore, though still not grown up.

Dakota, who was still sitting on the bench SMA Jane's role as a vampire in the movie "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" is currently playing in theaters today,

"If we added up, even more opportunities can be obtained in the film world," said a girl who can not wait to play as adults in the movie.

Beautiful girl also said she likes the role of vampire in "Eclipse" because of his eye color can change from blue to red.

"I like the color red," he said of the eyes of a vampire. "Automatically we turned into a beast when our eyes turn red."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ethan Hawke starred in the movie Titanic was a relief not

Actor Ethan Hawke was happy despite losing the chance to star in the second-largest movie "Titanic"

In a recent interview with UK newspaper, Telegraph, the actor admitted he tried to play the role of Jack Dawson as a stowaway, but after seeing Leonardo DiCaprio was not long after the film appeared in 1997, Ethan was relieved.

"I sat down to watch Jack's like watching a Beatle. When it became frenzied atmosphere. All women want" somebody in "he and all men want to beat him," Ethan said to the Daily Telegraph.

"Then I realized, and felt relieved because I did not play that role," said Ethan.

"But secretly I could not if I were a play that role, may have the same life as I want without memikirnyakan my career again. Damn the Leonardo," he said.

3-D release Exactly 100 Years Sinking Ship

Los Angeles-Following the success of the film Avatar in 3-D version, James Cameron plans to create another successful film that is Titanic in 3-D version

The plan, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio movie will be released in 3-D versions in April 2012, coinciding with 100 years tenggalamnya vessel, quoted from Aceshowbiz, Tuesday (06/07/2010).

Known, the first time the Titanic departed from the port of Southampton, England on April 10, 1912. Four days later, 14 April 1912 the ship sank after hitting an iceberg.

If you see the calendar of history, Slash Film Titanis suggested that the film 3-D version was released 10 or 13 April, the day was a perfect day to release the film.

This romantic film is based on a large disaster that occurred at that time, 84 years after the event, the 100-year-old woman named Rose DeWitt Bukator survivors of the tragedy is told entirely from the departure, until the death of the Titanic.

Includes romance with soerang homeless and artist named Jack Dawson. This film later became hits and picked up several names such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.